12 Best Full-Length Mirrors 2023 — Affordable Long Mirrors

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It’s time to reflect on the chicest of them all. Magnifying Mirror

12 Best Full-Length Mirrors 2023 — Affordable Long Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who found the cutest mirrors of them all? We did, reader. We did.

If you’re reading this, chances are you might be in the market for a chic but also affordable but also expensive-looking full-length mirror, and I’m happy to tell you that I’ve made all your wishes come true. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll find 12 gorgeous full-length mirrors that are on trend but still timeless, with price tags that won’t make your jaw fall to the floor and tears fall from your eyes. Was it easy to find reflection perfection? No. But you’re worth it, friends.

I’m not saying your mirror selfies will be better if you add one of these to your cart ASAP, but I’m also not not saying that, you know? So prepare your best outfit—starting with a cute hat on your head and ending with a killer pair of shoes on your feet—because these babies are ready to capture alllll of you, from head to toe. Get your iPhone ready.

With a simple top arch and a classic beechwood frame, this mirror could blend seamlessly into pretty much any room in any house. It's just wide enough that you can get an entire 'fit check in, but narrow enough that it can squeeze into a sliver of wall space.

Glowing review: It is the perfect accent mirror!! It’s a great size and is a good mix of traditional and trendy without being too much.

Do you identify as a "grandmillennial"? Do you wish you lived in a museum? If you answered yes to either of these questions, please put this mirror on your shopping list ASAP. That! Filigree!! Tho!!!

Seven years of bad luck? Not on my watch. This mirror is made using shatterproof glass, so even if it does happen to break (hey, accidents happen), it'll just crack—no shards to clean up from the floor. I also love that it's super versatile: You can lean it up against a wall, use the kickstand on the back to stand it up straight, or hang it using the included hooks and brackets.

Glowing review: Have this up in my bedroom and looks great! I’ve been looking for a chic full-length mirror that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Glad I found this one! Definitely a good find on Wayfair.

If you're looking for a mirror that's trendy but won't ever go out of style, you've come to the right place. This bubbled frame is stunning—unique but still simple enough to last you for years, no matter how often you makeover your room. Can't get enough of the design? Pair it with the matching round mirror (a bestseller) and pinboard (a dorm room dream!).

The gold-rimmed pick is a bestseller for a reason: it's affordable, it can be used multiple ways (hang, lean, or stand), it's sturdy, it's pre-assembled, and it's just generally super chic. Add to cart and prepare for compliments.

Glowing review: This thing is beautiful! The gold frame is sturdy, understated and modern. The stand is very solid and I have no concerns about this falling over. It also has the option to hang (horizontal and vertical) if you want. I have a small entryway and this mirror fits perfect and looks amazing.

I don't know about you, but I don't like breaking out the hammer and nails unless it's an absolute necessity. (I've had one too many finger bruises.) That, plus the fact that I had zero wall space in my teeny apartment, is why I love an over-the-door mirror—in fact, I have one on the door of the closet right outside my bathroom. This one from Pottery Barn is a super chic one that blends right into a white-painted door. Small spaces have met their match.

What is a full-length mirror if not a vessel for a good head-to-toe selfie, amirite?! This pick is probably the selfie mirror to end all selfie mirrors, with built-in LED lights to make sure your beautiful self is illuminated perfectly. Simply tap the circle on the mirror to adjust between three different brightnesses (10%, 50%, and 100%) as well as three different color options (warm yellow, warm white, and cool white), and I'm certain you'll find ~your light~.

Glowing (heh) review: The mirror came packaged perfectly and I love it! It was just the way it looks in the photos and it was so easy to put up! The stand was already put in place and I didn’t have to do a thing except prop it up :) would 100% recommend this mirror.

If you're in the market for a full-length mirror (and, if you're reading this, you probably are), you know that they're EXPENSIVE. That's why this bb, which is less than $120, seems like a mirage. But nope, you're not seeing things. Except your beautiful self. Because, you know, it's a mirror. Long story it now before it sells out.

Glowing review: I never write reviews, but this mirror is beautiful. It’s elegant, well-made, and seems like it could sell for a lot more.

Let's be honest: size almost always matters. Especially when you're dealing with furniture. If "the bigger the better" is your motto, this mirror from Home Depot should immediately be on your radar. It's just about six feet tall and nearly three feet across, so you can fit several friends in one selfie. What more can you ask for in this life?

Glowing review: One of my all-time favorite finds [at] Home Depot! the frame is of composite wood and not metal, but for the price and quality still 100% worth it! It is quite large in height, a great width, and very versatile. All in all if you need a great quality mirror that’ll make a statement in your bedroom or living spaces I’d definitely recommend this arched beauty!

I'm obsessed with everything Sarah Sherman Samuel designs (just look at how aesthetically pleasing her Insta feed is), and this mirror is no exception. I've never seen anything like it—that shape! those curves!—and I want it on my wall immediately.

Glowing review: The mirror arrived in good shape. I have it simply standing against a wall in my bathroom (it is extremely heavy). A stunning and highly original piece of artisanship. It makes me happy just to look at it!

Simple can be beautiful, and this chic pick is proof. Unlike the other options on this list, this slender cutie doesn't have a frame surrounding it—instead, it rests atop something called "french cleating," which makes it look like it's floating in front of the wall. This makes it a) look expensive and b) blend into any room aesthetic, two things I LOVE, because it means it'll never go out of style.

I've ogled over The Citizenry for years, and this wood-rimmed mirror might be one of my favorite products in their shop. (ICYMI, 100% of their products are Fair Trade, as guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organization.) The rounded edges and open spaces at the top and bottom draw the eye without standing out too much, adding a simple but unique touch to any room.

Glowing review: Looks even better in person. I do a ton of research for household furniture and the quality of this mirror is unmatched.

Here’s the miracle…As soon as I put it up (mind you it stands on its own, no attachments needed), a house guest accidentally tipped it over, causing it to land face-down on a concrete floor. It hit the floor so hard that the floor plaint transferred to the wooden frame but the mirror remained intact. Not a single crack or scratch. Best purchase I’ve made in years and worth every cent.

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12 Best Full-Length Mirrors 2023 — Affordable Long Mirrors

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